Your First Indoor Garden Start with Right Grow Equipment’s

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Your First Indoor Garden Start with Right Grow Equipment’s


So you have decided to grow your own plants? Welcome to the club. But before you start growing you need to understand the basic requirement of each of the plants and accordingly prepare your Garden for growing all the necessary types of plants that you require. This is a comprehensive guide to help you get started with your first Indoor Garden setup also decide on the all the necessary equipment’s that you will require for your Garden. Over the year’s different methods of indoor gardening have developed as gardeners are constantly improving the way plants are grown inside a closed room.

It is highly preferable to find the best one that suits your environment and you are comfortable with. You can however find the most comfortable practice and method of plantation by trying each of them out. As you are new to plantation, it may take some time to get suited to the gardening environment. But in the long run you will definitely find the practice highly beneficial not only as a hobby but also in terms of financial savings by growing your own plants.

Some of the most common types of indoor gardening practices include grow rooms growing tents and also in enclosed spaces like the basement, etc. If people have space in the house for like a proper environment to produce the plants, they even use the cupboards and cabinets to plant small herbs that can grow in a constant environment. Does we will discuss all types of green practices at first let’s differentiate between indoor and outdoor Gardens

Indoor Vs Outdoor Gardens

Indoor and outdoor Gardens are quite different from each other. Indoor Garden have very less space and are therefore very limited in production types. However outdoor gardens provide all the necessary types of grow equipment for growth from the nature itself. If you want to grow your plants to produce healthy fruits and vegetables, you have to simulate your indoor environment to replicate the outdoor gardens. You have to set up everything ranging from the raysace light source to the nutrients in the soil types and also the other necessary resources for the plants that they need to grow.

Before you start your indoor gardening approach it is important that you select the right location. If the plants do not get the right environment and are constantly subjected to light sources even at night, they tend to grow into thin tall and fruitless plants. Thus you have to find a secure place where you can control nearly all aspects of the plants environment without much effort or disturbing your daily routine. Therefore, grow tents are ideal for plant growth in an indoor setup. They already come with all kinds of tools and hardware is necessary for proper plant growth and others highly recommended by expert gardeners. It also comes with its own light sources which you can control depending on the intensity of light you require.

They also have proper drainage and water supply units so that water distribution among the plants is uniform while at the same time the drainage system ensures that all excess water is removed from the unit. The grow tents can be placed anywhere in your house and therefore are much more flexible to use. You can also build a grow tent of your own if you are skilled with hardware and woodwork. Thus you should always remember that all the parameters in your indoor environment is controlled to allow the plants all the necessary conditions they require for proper growth.

Outdoor Gardens

Plants and Location

As you must have already noticed, not all plants can be grown indoors and not all conditions can be controlled. You should always select the right kind of plants and the proper location before you start gardening. If your plant isstored in a secluded place it ensures that the plants environment is not disturbed due to your indoor environment. Before we proceed it is better for you to decide an Empty room or a secluded place where you can place your growing tent or start planting. It is preferable to find a basement, a cupboard or a cabinet can also do if in case you have very less space in your house. Once you have selected the right plants and a different location for the plantation you should start collecting the seeds and all other necessary tools for your indoor garden.

Right Grow Equipment for Your Indoor Gardens

Experienced indoor gardeners and outdoor gardeners understand maintaining a plant up to its full growth requires a set of processes that is very hard to emulate. But with the right tools you can easily create a flourishing indoor Garden without much overhead and also save big on your shopping list. One of the most important aspects of any indoor or outdoor Garden is the amount of raysace led light it receives. Beat from natural or artificial sources the plants require enough lightning to grow properly. Thus in an indoor setup, grow light serve as an alternative replacement to natural sunlight. Thus finding the right grow lights is very important to ensure proper plant growth.

Once you have bought the necessary grow lights, it is important to select the right reflection panels as they highly optimize the indoor lighting conditions sleeping all the surrounding light from the light source into the plant container. A good pair of reflectors are highly essential to ensure that the plants get the necessary lighting conditions they to grow to their full strength. If you invest in a grow tent, then it is important that you find the one ideal for your plants requirements. There are thousands of grow lights available in the market but only a few of them can be ideal for your requirements.

If you are turning your indoor room into a garden, then you won’t need a grow tent. You can always divide the room in to separate sections so that your plants are separated from each other and subjected to ideal conditions. To ensure the best environment for your plants, it is important that your plants get all the necessary fresh air they can. Without enough fresh air, the plants can never produce enough fruits or any fruits at all. The necessary nutrients also play a huge role in ensuring proper growth. With the right fertilizers, pest control and hydro setups, you can ensure that the whole process becomes much easier to manage and maintain for a longer period. Let’s dive deeper into each of the necessary grow equipment’s to find the ideal ones for your indoor garden setup.

Finding The Best Grow Lights

You can find numerous types of grow lights for your plantation requirements. All types of grow lights fall into a select number of categories depending on the type of light they produce and the intensity of the lightning source. Not all plants require high intensity light to grow properly. Only a few do and the others require only moderate light sources to ensure proper growth. Thus it would be wise to invest in a high energy light source and then screen the plants that do not require high intensities. You should also ensure that you select less power consuming grow lights so that you don’t end up spending more than you produce on your electricity bills. Some of the best types of grow lights are:

1. Incandescent Grow lights: Since their invention in the 1800s, the incandescent lights have not evolved much as their construction itself requires specific materials that they not only produce less light, but also consume more energy than any other form of light source with their energy. They are only ideal for small plant growth or in small grow tents that don’t require much lighting for plant growth. A proper reflection panel can greatly increase their effect on the plants and thus can lead to higher resource utilization.

2. Fluorescent Grow Lights: These became popular due to their bright light production ability and less power consumption potential. They are ideal for indoor plant growth as they can save up to 30% on your electricity bills while also allowing better plant growth. Larger fluorescent lights can lead to better outputs as they do not consume more energy. They are also ideal for small and large plant setups. If you are planting your garden in one of your rooms then a proper fluorescent lights can be ideal for a garden setup.

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3. HID and Metal halide lamps: The high intensity lamps are ideal for large setups where there are hundreds of plants in an indoor environment. Even the smallest lights can produce light intensity up to 30 or 40 fluorescent lamps. Thus installing these high intensity lamps can be greatly damaging in a small indoor setup. They also produce high amounts of heat that often tend to damage the plants in its vicinity. Thus the HID lights are only ideal for experienced gardeners who have enough space in their planation gardens along with hundreds of plants that can absorb the produced high intensity of the lights.

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4. High Pressure Sodium Lights: They are high powered light sources that are ideal for large plantations. They also produce high intensity lights that are ideal for plant growth but in a small environment they can significantly damage the plant and its growing ability.

hps grow lights vs led grow lights

5. LED grow lights: The best solution for all kinds of indoor gardening purposes, LED lights are highly producing and energy saving option to other grow light options. Although they cost significantly higher than the fluorescent and HID lamps, they also last much longer and can produce high intensity white light that is ideal for any plant growth. One average powered LED grow light can be enough for all kinds of lighting requirements for your plants. Thus it is always better to select an energy saving and high intensity option than the alternative.

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Using Reflectors to Optimize Grow Lights

Reflectors are highly essential for any plantation requirements. By using the right reflectors, you can not only produce better plants that undergo an overall growth but also conserve significant energy in the process. All these conserved energy means you end up paying significantly less electricity bills. You can find numerous types of reflectors in the market. Made from different types of materials, these reflectors tend to create better conditions for plant lighting. Strategic positioning of the reflectors is highly essential to ensure that all the lights produced from the grow lights are diverted and reflected back to the plants. You should always choose large reflectors that remain close to the light source.

These reflectors can only can grab all the light rays from the grow light and reflect them back to the plants. If the reflectors are not made of the right materials, you will notice that they often tend to get heated easily instead of reflecting the maximum amount of lights falling on them. This often tends to damage the reflectors leading to a shorter life time. The best reflector panels are the ones that are painted on top of ideal materials like plastic or even steel. These materials often don’t absorb light energy and thus reflect most of the light rays back to the environment.

Raysace led grow lights reflector

Selecting The Right Grow Tent

For beginners, grow tents are the most ideal solutions for all kind of indoor plantations. Indoor grow tents come with all the necessary grow equipment for proper plant growth. Commercially available broken for indoor growth ideal for all kinds of plans as they have all the necessary components already built into them. With enough space for plants along with all other grow equipment like power kits, light source, hydro kits and a number of other essential ingredients like fertilizers etc. All you have to do is assemble them and place your plant in there. With the right amount of nutrients and the necessary raysace light source, the plants can grow literally anywhere. Moreover, the grow tents are lined with reflective materials that concentrate all light intensity to all parts of the plant. Browse through the available grow tents and find the best one for your requirements. If you are growing small plants and herbs, then a small grow tent with the essential equipment can be enough for your requirements. However, if you have to plant larger plants, then you should always choose the largest grow tent available in the market.

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Exhaust Fans for Your Indoor Garden

As the indoor environment needs to be properly aerated, you should install powerful exhaust fans that can easily blow out the air inside the room while at the same time bring in fresh air from the outer environment. Thus the right fans are highly necessary for proper plant growth. Place them properly at strategic positions all through the room and you won’t ever have to tough them again. The fans would automatically keep the room fresh all the time and also provide all necessary fresh air to the plants. If your plants are planted in grow tents, you will have to attach a small exhaust fan in a provided socket to let fresh air inside.

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Plant Containers and Garden Setup

All plants have to be planted in proper containers so that they can be easily moved while at the same time can keep the soils differentiated. As the conditions required for each plant type is unique to itself, the plants have to be placed separately and isolated from each other so that the necessary types of fertilizers ca be used separately on them. Therefore, you should always invest in some good enough plant pots and containers that can easily be maintained.

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Hydro, Fertilizer and Pest Control Kits

Along with the above, the water, fertilizers and pest control is highly important for all kinds of plants. With enough water, the right fertilizer, and the necessary pest control the plants can not only grow healthy and strong, they can also produce great quality fruits and vegetables. You can find numerous types of hydro kits that come with all types of necessary equipment’s and tools that can greatly ease your watering. Grow tents already have strategically placed water sprays and other equipment’s to let water in and drain unused water out of the tent. These are highly handy to use and are therefore most suitable for beginners. Gardening shops have numerous types of fertilizers and other plant growth chemicals that help in enriching the soil. These fertilizers are unique to most plants are therefore should be applied carefully and only after proper reference from experts or from the web.

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Gardening Supplies and Other Basic Toolkits

All the above equipment’s are highly necessary for all kinds of indoor plantation, be it a small or a large setup. However, you should also have a bunch of other essential gardening supplies like hardware kits and basic toolkits of cleaning and maintaining the internal environment so that the plants do not remain in a damaged environment. These toolkits should be kept handy so that you can use them frequently as and when needed. Now that you know all the necessary equipment for your indoor garden, you should try your hand by planting some small plants at first and the move on to bigger plants.