Why Raysace COB Grow Lights?

There are many reasons why you should buy Raysace COB Grow Lights including:

1. The unique design of our reflective cup promotes greater light-gathering!
2. Integrated light source technology improves color uniformity and luminous efficiency!
3. Sunflower radiator design efficiently dissipates damaging heat!
4. State-of-the-art design ensures higher stability, a lower malfunction rate and easier maintenance!
5. Unique group combinations of light units results in higher energy efficiency!;
6. Easy to operate and cost less! And much more!

We cover these and other benefits of buying Raysace COB Grow Lights more in-depth in the pages under this tab, so please be sure to look around.

1. COB LED vs Single LED

COB, which stands for Chip On Board, is an LED design that utilizes a bare chip that is attached to the interconnect,substrate using electrically conductive or non conductive adhesive. Wire bonding is then used to create an electrical connection.
COB lights put multiple chips directly on the substrate, which reduces the manufacturing process and cost.

The Raysace COB Grow Light offers additional advantages, such as reduced thermal resistance and a simple, efficient circuit  design in a small package that saves you space and money.

For example, to get a traditional 20W high power LED light source, you would need 20 components with 1W LED chip in each. A  COB light  packages the 20* 1W LED chips into a single device and reduces the required two second optical lens from 20 to one, helping  to lower material costs, system costs and labor costs.

Now what about performance?

Through rational design and special molding of microlenses, COB lights effectively avoid the negatives often associated with traditional light sources, such as points of light, glare and other defects.
Also, COB lights add a red chip combination that improves light efficiency and color rendering properties.
Regarding light gathering,lamp beads arrange in signal grow lights are in a dispersed arrangement while lamp beads in a COB grow light are concentrated in a single chip board,which enables a COB grow lights to be more efficient at light gathering than single Grow Light and much brigher.

Because of the concentration of lamp beads, COB grow lights also require less current for high efficiency compared to single grow lights.

And that’s not all the advantages of COB grow lights.

They are also, when compared to single LED lights, lighter and smaller which will save you space, not to mention also save  you on shipping costs.
Finally, COB Grow Lights when compared with single LED lights, have better color uniformity and higher luminous efficiency,  so that each leaf can effectively receive uniform illumination, which is 1W, 3W or 5W and is something a high powered single LED can’t do.

2.Raysace make better than Ordinary COB Lights With the Following 5 Innovations!

1) Cooling System

In the past, overheating has been a common problem for COB Grow Lights because they feature numerous 3W lamp beats arranted on a plate. Raysace has solved this problem by creating a proprietary new system that uses a fan,radiator and special product casing to quickly and efficiency reduce heat.
In particular,Raysace uses a sunflower radiator design which diffuse heat outward.This is the same type of design that Intel CPU companies use to prevent overheating.

Raysace’s COB Grow Lights also has four vents to more effectively dissipate heat and in the back of the light there is an exhaust fan apparatus that discharges heat.

This groundbreaking cooling system is transforming how COB Grow Lights are designed and is dramatically extending the life of these types of lights.

2) Reflector

Raysace has also created a new,patented reflector design that uses high purity aluminum material to increase reflectivity by up to 85%~90%
This means when you use a Raysace COB Grow Lights there are no soft spots, no black spots, and no shadows. Instead you get ultimate light uniformity and maximum effectiveness.
Here is more technical information about the design: The reflector mirror uses a squamus design, which is more conducive to gathering light and improves the utilization efficiency of light.

3)Full Spectrum Light Source

The Raysace COB Grow Light is a full spectrum grow lihgs, this means it can be used on the vast majority of plants and there is no need to customized the wavelength at the time of purchase.
Whether you art growing one plant or operating a greenhouse, providing full spectrum light is essential to ensure fast, full plant growth.
Non-full-spectrum light simply does not provide plants with all that they need to grow while full spectrum light greatly shortens the time required for plant growth.
Here is more information: the solar spectrum is made up of different wavelengths of light some of which are visible to us andsome of which are not.
In regards to plant life, the most important part of the solar spectrum is the visible portion (wavelength 0.4 ~ 0.76μm), butUV light (wavelength 0.01 ~ 0.4μm) and infrared (wavelength 0.76 ~ 1000μm) also have some significance.

Scientific tests have shown that different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant growth.

For example:

  • Blue-violet light plays a significant role in plant bud formation. It can inhibit the elongation of plants and it can also affect plant phototropism
  • Violet light is the most important disposable cell differentiation light
  • Ultraviolet light can prevent certain plants’ release of growth hormone, suppressing the elongation of the stem, it can also cause sensitization phototropism
  • Visible blue and violet light can promote the formation of anthocyanins
  • Visible and invisible red light can promote seed or spore germination and the elongation of stems. Red light can also promote the formation of carbon dioxide and chlorophyll decomposition.

Also, different wavelengths of light are important for photosynthesis.

For example, red light is beneficial for synthesizing carbohydrates and blue light is conducive to the synthesis of proteins and organic acids.
What this means for you is you can control the quality of your plants (or crops) by controlling the light they receive.

Here’s an example from nature, Alpine plants or plants found in highland areas often have short stems;short,narrow leaves;” fur:” and increased chlorophyll and leaf anthocyanins.In addition, flowers have unique colors and other characteristics. all because of the low temperatures and more ultraviolet light found in these areas.

4)High Quality and High Yield

Different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant photosynthesis. Plant photosynthesis needs light that is within 400-700 nm wavelength. Specifically, (blue) light that is 610-720nm and (red) light that is 400-500 are of maximum importance to photosynthesis. Blue light promotes leaf growth and red light helps prolong flowering.

A high quality grow light that provides the right types of light, when used typically acout 0.5 meters away from the plant height and for 12 to 16 hours a day, can completely replace the sun.

Through our own studies, we have determined that red and blue wavelengths at 9 to 1 ratio are most conducive to plant growth with this light, we have seen strawberries grow plump and full with high sugar and vitamin C content. The light also significantly improves the yield.

Here is more about what we have discovered: Compared with ordinary HID and HPS, the Raysace COB Grow Light can shorten the growth period of the plant by one third. In terms of production, with Raysace COB grow light output is increased by 25% to 30% compared to just a 15% increased in production when a single LED grow light was used.

Why such a difference?

Because we use COB chips, our Grow lights produces a very precise wavelength(+/-5nm), which ensures that plants get the high quality light they most need to grow.
We use angles of 90 degrees and 120 degrees to better mix various light and create a more balanced light spectrum for optimum plant growth.
The Raysace COB grow light brings the whole spectrum of light indoors to create the best growth environment for plants. Raysace COB Grow Lights deliver maximum power in a small, convenient size.

5) Raysace Warranty (90 & 3)

If your Raysace COB Grow light experiences any mechanical or technical issues (non-owner caused quality problems) within 90 days of receipt, you can return the product and we will send you a replacemnt for free or you can request a full refund of your purchase price.

If you experience any quality problems with your Raysace COB Grow Light within three years of your purchase, we will provide you with replacement parts and we will also pay the postage to send you the parts. Then you can follow the instrucition in our simple replacement parts videos to correct the issue.