Ways of feminized weed seeds

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Ways of feminized weed seeds

When growing medicinal marijuana, it can be a hit or miss as it is common to come across harvesters dealing with a crop of mostly males. Those weed seeds will rely on your capability to crop feminized marijuana seeds. Fortunately, there are ways to raise the probability of having most of the seeds ending up as producing female plants. However, you need to pay more attention to how to grow cannabis indoors first. Any conversation of marijuana pollination starts with the traditional fertilization methods. The unfertilized female marijuana plants yield the best smoke. Unfertilized plants produce more of the active ingredient in marijuana or THC, and this gives a much better smoking experience. However, there are many good reasons why you might want to pollinate the plants as you would want to have weed seeds for next year’s crop.

When buying seed marijuana seeds from overseas companies, you can never know exactly what you’re going to get. It is common to end up with immature marijuana seeds, and most of these are not likely to germinate. Thus, entitle some plants for fertilization for one crop as it makes better financial sense. There is no guarantee that you can produce female marijuana by following traditional fertilization practices. Browse for difference means and ways to grow female marijuana crop.

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Traditional Fertilization Techniques for weed seeds

Marijuana relies on the wind to help foster fertilization when grown outdoors. However, the plants rely on genetics too. The Male marijuana plants reach sexual maturity before female plants and in about two weeks. They grow strikingly taller than their female plants and start producing pollen sacs that look like buds. However, when you open them up, you will see a fine, sticky substance that is the basis for reproduction.

The feminized marijuana plant starts reaching sexual maturity while the male plant is busy in doing all that. It develops stigmas to trap the male pollen that finds its way into the reproductive system and starts to make marijuana seeds. In an indoor environment, the plants can still lead fertilized female marijuana plants despite the fact that there isn’t much wind indoors. Many indoor growers separate females and males once they are able to differentiate the plants. Those who carry no interest in pollination can simply get rid of the males.

In reality, one only needs a single male marijuana plant for the traditional fertilization techniques. Just pick a healthy male plant and isolate it from the rest. Use a 12/12 light regimen to force the isolated male plant to flower and it will start producing the pollen once it has flowered adequately. Take the pollen from the plant and transfer it to the female plants immediately. You can even save some pollen to create feminized marijuana plants later. Take a piece of paper and an envelope and transfer the pollen carefully to the piece of paper. Then, place the paper in an envelope and label it for later use. Do not forget to place the container into the freezer. Make sure that the pollen you save is from a male of certain variety or preferred strains that you just might want to keep relatively intact. You can keep the female plants in a vegetative state for as long you want, and when it is time to fertilize them, all you need to do is bring out the pollen from the freezer.

When the female plant receives the pollen, it will no longer make sinsemilla buds or buds without seed. Again, you need not use the pollen on every female plant. Thus, one has to be very careful when working with weed seeds, the pollen and how to get feminized marijuana. To sue the pollen, take it into a small bowl and use a watercolor brush to paint the pollen onto the desired plant. Avoid cross-contamination with the pollen. You can relocate the plant with the pollinated cola after around four days to the 12/12 flowering room. By this time, the pollen is practically glued to the pistils, and the probability of any other flowers getting pollinated is very slim.

The marijuana seeds start developing in the pollinated cola over the course of the flowering period. The rest of the female plants mature as sinsemillas. All you need to do now is observes the activity of the pollinated cola so that you are able to harvest the weed seeds at the right time. You can use your fingers to separate them from the rest of the cola. Place them in a container and label them with their verity name. Put the container in the freezer where they will retain their vitality till the next growing period.

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Harvest the marijuana seeds before they’re ready. The seeds should not have green color but should be brown or tan colored and nicely mottled. The harvest with green seeds is significantly lowered. Ba careful bout the quality of weed seeds or you will have to buy expensive seeds again. There are lot many rewards to pollinating your plants and in such a minimalistic way. Most of the feminized marijuana you’ll harvest will carry high-quality sinsemilla buds as you use only a single pollinated cola. Plus, you get seeds with favorable genetic material that will make smoke very similar to the one you’re used. Moreover, it makes good financial sense as one need not spend money on a new growing cycle every time. This is the right way to ensure high-quality smoke and get future quality crops at low costs.

When making use of traditional fertilization techniques to get feminized marijuana, one cannot be sure of the actual sex of the plant. Restricting yourself to a solitary cola for making seeds might be a disaster if one ends up with an enormous quantity of males during the next growing cycle. That’s the reason feminization techniques have become so popular in recent years.

What is feminized marijuana?

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Most female marijuana plants produce weed seeds that carry undetectable sexual characteristics. This is because the female plant is esteemed for its augmented THC content when compared to males. This is the why it enjoys preference from many growers. However, with the traditional methods, there can be no way of knowing if one is going to get a batch full of males or females or something in between. One would want to see lots of feminized marijuana in their garden so as to get consistently high-quality smoke every time. Feminization of weed seeds involves a group of pollination techniques that place the odds back in your favor. Apparently, fertilization offers a lot of advantages, but with the feminization technique, one can expect the majority of female plants for their next crop. Seed companies often sell feminized marijuana seeds to give you that assurance. However, one can never be sure when buying from a seed company you might end up with males or hermaphrodites in your crop. Thus, ensure that you buy those seeds from a reputed seed company.


Rodelization and colloidal silver method for feminization marijuana

Rodelization and colloidal silver are the two main kinds of seed feminization, and both carry their advantages and disadvantages. However, when instructions refollowed carefully, one can ensure that they can get a good batch of marijuana seeds.

  • Rodelization method
    Rodelization deploys biological factors in the female marijuana plant. It is seen that the female marijuana plant becomes stressed when it nears the end of its lifecycle and has not been fertilized. It starts growing pollen sacs on its own, and this is a natural way of the Marijuana plants to propagate their seeds when they don’t get fertilized. Rodelization makes seeds with female characteristics as the genetic and reproductive material carries female characteristics. It is the crux of weed seeds feminization because of the particular ability of the female plant to fertilize itself and without being hermaphroditic. If the eggs and pollen come from genetically female plants, there are higher chances that plants will make female seeds. The concept might sound simple, but can be tough practically.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rodelization method
  • Colloidal silver method
    The colloidal silver method operates in a similar way. Here, very minute concentrations of colloidal silver are put into distilled water. The water is sprayed on the female plants during the flowering cycle. The plants start producing the same pollen sacs during rodelization. Again the genetic material in the pollen is purely female and thus one can get more chances of getting
    feminized marijuana seeds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Colloidal silver method

There are understandable reasons as to why one would want to attempt either of these methods. After all, most growers would want to ensure that their crop is full of the THC-laden females. Moreover, it is also a good way to ensure that you get high-quality, sinsemilla buds from the majority of the marijuana crop. Plus, you just cannot keep growing top-quality smoke indefinitely and would not want to pay for weed seeds every time.

Rodelization for Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Rodelization is the simple of the two methods, and moreover, it is completely natural process. The goal here is to let the female marijuana plant stay on in the flowering state long after the harvest time. The plant recognizes this is like a dreadful situation and results in pollen sacs. Harvest the pollen when the pollen sacs start building. Select the colas or buds you want to slather with pollen to make the feminized marijuana seeds. Separate a single plant and force it to flower on its own so as to pollinate others adequately.

The major disadvantage to this method is that it is not always dependable. It relies on some factors to go right, and you might not get the overly-feminized marijuana seeds you are looking for. This is because not every plant responds in the same way when left in the flowering state for too long. Moreover, one cannot test every single one of those plants to see if they will make pollen sacs. It is not a good thing to leave the plants in flowering stage past their highest harvest time. So, think twice about this before using the method to get feminized weed seeds.

There are some varieties of plants that will produce pollen sacs virtually every time and the genetic traits for rodelization. If you are sure of those varieties, then it makes sense to go for rodelization and achieve consistent results. There might be a chance that one may use a female pollen carrying heavy male characteristics. If the plant creates pollen like that naturally, then there is a chance that it is carrying male-heavy genetics. In this case, you might end up with a regular batch of half female and half male seeds.

Colloidal Silver for Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seed

The colloidal silver spray method is a lot more time-consuming and difficult. And it doesn’t involve merely sticking colloidal silver on your plants. The method needs a lot of water, pure silver, and some electricity. Prepare your colloidal silver spray with the help of Distilled water, 9-volt battery connector, pure silver, 9-volt battery, Soldering iron and Alligator clips. Colloidal silver solutions can be bought commercially, and they can be expensive. You can buy pure silver coins at the local mint shop, and two pieces of half ounce silver should be enough. Just make sure that the silver is pure and is .999, for the process to function properly. Now, connect the battery connector to the battery and there should be two wires extending from the battery connector. If using the alligator clips, solder them to these wires to improve the electrical current with the help of a soldering iron. Make use of distilled water and ensure that there are no impurities. The electrical current produces tiny silver ions that will float in distilled water as the water gets deionized. Those particles won’t bond with anything else.

Leave the mixture for about 7 hours minimum and the longer you leave the arrangement, the higher will be the concentration of colloidal silver produced. However, do not let the colloidal silver generator to run for a longer time as you would not particles that are too big. Nothing will seem to happen at first but gradually, you can notice the residue or film at the top surface of the distilled water. Make sure that alligator clips or the wires do not get wet.

When the solution is ready to use, pick one female marijuana plant to receive the spray. Spray the mist on the plant every day with the solution once it starts flowering and continue the spray until you see male pollen sacs developing. This process may take 10 to 15 days. Use the same process of retrieval and then fertilization once the pollen sacs appear.

As a precaution, you should know that colloidal silver in high concentrations is not safe to consume for health reasons. Thus, be careful and discard any parts of the marijuana plant that you spray on. Be careful where the spray goes and if one gets even a small trace on the buds, then those are simply unfit for smoking or consuming. Any pollen made as a result of the interaction between colloidal silver and cannabis is 100% safe to use. It’s just the part of the plant that comes into direct contact with the colloidal silver spray should be considered toxic. The colloidal silver method is known to make high-quality feminized marijuana seeds, and you will get a healthy crop of mostly females. You can also harvest seeds ad infinitum while regulating the actual amount of marijuana seeds made.

Other Options for Feminized Marijuana Seeds

While both methods of Rodelization and colloidal silver method for feminization lead to beneficial outcomes, there are considerable downsides too. Firth of all, there is no guarantee rodelization will work, and the colloidal silver technique requires a lot of time, efforts, and money. Under that circumstance, another good option is of cloning female marijuana plants. This is an efficient option that is cost-effective too. This is not a seed weed seeds feminization technique, but you are assured to get female marijuana plants and female buds on a reliable basis.

There are numerous situations where certain Feminized MarijuanaSeeds process makes more sense. For those wanting to hybridize the DNA of the next generation, here, and selective fertilization makes more sense. If your objective is to create a mix between two strains, then you need to combine the reproductive material of those two strains. Cloning allows you to reconstruct a single strain over and over again. Whatever method or technique one follows, it is apparent that female plants are the main choice among marijuana growers.

Instead of depending on marijuana seeds that are a combination of genetics, cloning can help one pick a predominantly wanted plant and can recreate it exactly. There are no uncertainties here, and one can continue getting top-quality smoke every time.

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