T5 grow lights VS T8 grow lights?Which is ideal for a grower?

T5 fluorescent grow lights

T5 grow lights VS T8 grow lights?Which is ideal for a grower?

The LED grow lights are attractive option for the gardens indoors. One should look at different lighting options for their needs and buy only quality lights such as Raysace led grow lights. It is essential to know the difference between T8 and T5 fluorescent grow lights. This is because, the T5 grow lights could cost one 2x more than T8 Lighting.

T8 vs. T5 fluorescent grow lights

fluorescent grow lights

The “T” is a code for identifying the size of fluorescent bulbs and levels of energy efficiency as well as the lamp tube diameter. Today, there is a growing focus on energy saving technologies. Both the T5 and T8 lamps carry a normal life expectancy of around 36,000 hrs. at 12 hrs. per day burn time.

  • Size
    The T5 bulb has roughly the same diameter as a $.10 dime, and the size of a $.05 Nickel is closer to the size of a $.05 Nickel. T8 has higher efficiency while T5 grow lights offer the highest efficiency. When using these lamps, it is essential to assess the cost benefit of T5 over T8. The increase in efficiency and cost has to justify the rise in long-term maintenance and usage.
  • Costs
    A standard T5 lamp costs between $5.50 and $12.00 while 4 foot T8 lamp will cost you between $3.00 and $5.00. You need to consider as to why you need to spend double the costs as the T5 fluorescent grow lights cost nearly twice and do not outdo the T8 by the same margin. In fact, the performance differences are insignificant in many low-level interior applications.
  • Brightness
    When comparing T5 grow lights with T8, it is essential to know the levels of efficiency. The quality of light is called lumen output and is measured in CRI or Color Rendering Index. The quantity of light is measured in LPW or Lumens per Watt.

When comparing Color Rendering Index, T8 offers 85 CRI, while T5 offers 85CRI. The LPW of T8 is 90LPW while T5 grow lights is 99LPW. As it is apparent, the performance of T5 fluorescent grow lights barely beats T8 as far as CRI and LPW values. Thus, focus on your precise needs when choosing between T5 and T8. It gets difficult to justify the substantial increase, what with the numbers being this close. In case the ceiling height is less than 12′, you can use T5 in this situation. However, there would be extra cost involved, but the cost factor shouldn’t be your only consideration. One needs to explore other technical aspects to see if T5 lights are the best fit.

When are T5 grow lights a Better Fit?

T8 fluorescent grow lights

There are certain conditions when one can justify the use of T5 fluorescent grow lights technology and the extra expense. T5 lighting tubes produce best results at an ambient temp of 35C. One needs to understand the applications and the desired results. The temperature of T5 lighting relies greatly on fixture design.

Do you homework well when choosing between T8 and T5 or hire a professional if not sure.