LED grow light Review and Grow Journal

Following is one of Raysaces’ LED Grow Journal

Adam Plascencia

on March 28, 2014, 1 PCSXRYAS4000 Received the light in a very timely manner via DHL. Packaging was rather discreet if that’s an issue for you. Opened it up  And was quite surprised by the quality of materials used for the casings and overall design.  The functionality of the light is phenomenal. The fans above the COB unit runs at a great enough speed to really keep the  temperature of the light down. Full spectrum is awesome for both vegging and flowering. Cant get over how happy my plants are now with this. Truly do see a difference from HPS. Runs at a lot lower temperature than most other LED companys from  personal experience.. It eliminates the need for an A/C unit. The area the Purple Sun covers is astounding for the actual size  for the unit. Even when the light is lowered it covers a 3’x3′. I’ve decided to go full LED because of how great of a job  RAYSACE did with the Purple Sun.

Adam Plascencia CAN

Gene Gregory

on November 1, 2014, 2PCSXRAYS4000 Just received, packaged well, no rattles, nothing broken. From all appearances seems to be very well made, 2 switches, so you can run 1/2 the lights, 4 cooling fans that are very quiet for their size. Only problem is there was no owners manual or warranty info, just a piece of paper with a sketch showing how to hang the light. Emailed RAYSACE , more later….

Gene Gregory USA
Randal C.

On September 28, 2014, 3PCSXRAYS6000 Growing basil and thyme. These plants are doing very well under the new COB lights

Randal C. USA
John M.

on Feb 03 ,2015, 1PCSXRAYS1000 really happy with my purchase. is exactly as described and came within 3 days. feels like great quality and works fantasticlly. highly recommended. Will buy more

John M. AUS
L. Forest 

on February 20, 2015, 1PCSXRAYS9000 Very fast shipping, good packng, excellent condition. Been tested for an hr, both seems fine. Cant wait to see them perform

L. Forest  NOR

on September 19, 2014,3PCSXRAYS9000 Once again, RAYSACE has done it. For starters I like the way the product is made. Definitely not just cheap plastic. Very durable and produces more light than expected. It covers a wider area than I planned on, which is good for me because I was able to remove a different light and just use this one. The power it packs is phenomenal. && it is very easy to set up. Literally, just straight out of the box. Doesn’t take up much air space at all so I am able to set up more than intended as well. Thanks RAYSACE! Anyone looking for a powerful system that covers a nice size space, this is a good choice. I’ll be sure to update soon on the progress in my garden.

Levi  CAN

on January 27, 2015, 4PCSXRAYS6000 Simply….the best grow LED ever made…for me…NO MORE HPS or MH thanks for your team to this masterpiece.

steveeb  CAN
Samuel R.

on February 19,2015, 2PCSXRAYS4000 Very fast and very good seller

Samuel R. Spain
Sylvain B.

on February 25,2015, 3PCSXRAYS2000 Forget any other LED Grow light….this think are the best ever made by anyone

Sylvain B. Canada
Adam Plascencia

on February 19, 2014, 2PCSXRAYS9000 I wanted to try a some new led technology in my indoor garden. Very lush plants! Great for vegetative as well as flowering. I saw a pretty decent increase in yields and not alot of plant stretch. The light never gets hot. I didn’t see any sort of dissipation either as i had the light for awhile like with other leds I’ve tried. I’m a huge fan of RAYSACE and their constant work with new light sources. I would highly recommend this light to you 1 because it works 2 because its built really well

Adam Plascencia HOL
Jan R

on February 18,2015, 3PCSXRAYS6000 It showed up within a few days, it’s easy to use and really bright. I know this is going to make my winter indoor garden so much better than last year! So glad I finally decided to spring for it!

L. Forest

on February 20, 2015,2PCSXRAYS9000 I received my lights very quickly which was a huge plus. The lights came well packaged and secure with only items.This is a very powerful light with a very wide spread. The two switches make it helpful for reducing light for young seedling. My plants are love this light. If you are a hot pepper plant grower or any indoor plant will benefit. I would recommend eyewear when working this LED lol you will see green for a while after.

L. Forest NZL


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