How To Set an Indoor Closet Grow Room

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How To Set an Indoor Closet Grow Room

Those who have to do with confined spaces and limited access to the outdoors, need not get anxious about their passion for gardening as they can make good use of a grow closet. It is very easy to grow your garden indoors and all one needs is some good indoor space with the right amount of lighting plus the know-how. Soon, you can have a full-fledged garden growing in the comforts of your home and an indoor grow closet. Whether you are planning to grow oriental herbs or have cultivation of cannabis in mind, there are no restrictions in the closet grow room. Buy Raysace full spectrum led grow lights to take care of the perfect lighting.

How to create an indoor grow closet?

As the indoor grow closet will be smaller, so make plans accordingly and get the right seeds. You can start with leafy greens like lettuce or herbs like basil or thyme in the closet grow room. Place the seeds between two moist paper towels and cover them with a plate in a warm place. Make use of seedling heating mat if you want to make the germination of seeds faster. Get an appropriate container and possibly with shelves or chambers in it. The size of those shelves should be according to what you want to grow. It would be best to clean the container, paint it in glossy white so as to get better light.

Planning the layout of the grow closet

For the indoor grow closet, you will need an air pump, timer, growth vessel, fan and invest in good compact fluorescent light bulbs. The Led lights are easier to handle and are compact in size. Moreover, they last a long time and give off very little heat. In short, they are perfect for closet grow room although they might be a bit expensive as compared to the fluorescent lights. Prepare the growth chambers and drill holes for wiring the lights. Keep a larger section for the fan in the grow closet.

The smaller growth chamber at the lower end will need low powered light while the larger flowering chamber needs a high power light and fan.

Installing the lights and fans in the closet grow room

Install the lights and fan carefully in the indoor grow closet and make sure that the wiring is in place and works. Depending on what you are growing, you will need the lights on from 12 to 24 hours for maximum growth. Once you have a seedling, you can put the plant in the net pot and the growth vessel. Add the right amount of in the growth vessel and make sure the lights and fan work as they should.

Moving plants to the flowering chamber

Once the plants are a couple of inches tall, it is time to move them to the flowering chamber. The big lights need to be on 12-18 hours a day indoor grow closet. This is the time to raise the dose of fertilizer and go for the higher amount of Potassium and Phosphorus. Place the LED grow light an inch away from the plants to let them enjoy a maximum light intensity in the grow closet.