Frequently Asked Questions


What is COB?

COB stands for Chip On Board. A COB light is new LED packaging technology. Basically, multi-LED chips are packaged together in one module to create a COB light.

COB can be simply understood as a high power integrated surface light source, according to the product shape design of the light source area and dimensions.

What are the advantages of COB lights?

With a COB light, the LED chips are directly attached to the metal substrate, which offers high specular rectangle of of the surface light source.COB lights also offer an integrated high efficiency technology, which removes the stent concept and results in no planting, no reflow and no patch process, thus reducing the overall lighting process by nearly one third and providing cost savings of one-third compared to other lights.

Features include:

  • Electrical stability and savings
  • Scientific and rational circuit design, optical design and thermal design
  • Heat sink technology ensures industry-leading thermal LED lumen maintenance (95%).
  • Facilitates secondary optical accessory products
  • Improves lighting quality
  • Delivers high color and light uniformity with no spots
  • Creates healthy light environment
  • Installation is simple
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces the difficulty of lighting design and processing
  • Reduces maintenance costs

What makes the Raysace COB Grow Light so much better than other grow lights?

Compared to other plant growth lights that are light on power, Raysace COB Grow Light offers a full 1800W, which it managers to do while only being 460 x 460 x 83.5 mm in size and while weighing only 10.5 KG.
The grow lights made b other brands offer only a few hundred watts of power and take up much more space, usually weiging at least 20 kilograms.

Raysace managers to produce maximum power from a small shell. If you want to ensure that your plants get plenty of good light without taking up a lot of space or having to go through difficult installation, then Raysace Grow light is the light for you. Plus, don’t forget this light is inexpensive to maintain and its small size means it can be shipped to you inexpensively.

What is the significance of the Raysace COB Grow Light being full spectrum?

A fullspectrum grow light acts in accordance with the growth patterns of plants by offering a wide range of artificial light and radiation. It also truly meets the requirements of green lighting and it more effectively promotes photosynthesis in plants.

The bottom line is providing a good lighting environment is one of the most important factors for plant growth. The Raysace full spectrum COB Grow light ensures your plants get essential light by offering:

  • Wavelengths 400~420nm,which help form anthocyanins and resist elongation foliage
  • Wavelengths of 450~460nm, which promote leaf thickening, accelerated plant growth and regulate stomatal opening
  • Wavelengths of 550nm, which promote the production of oxygen and better organization within the plant to save nutrients
  • Wavelengths of 580nm, which promote the growth of roots and lead to early sprouting.
  • Wavelengths of 650 ~ 660nm, which promote the growth of the whole plant, in particular during flowering and fruiting periods; increase a plants’ growth rate (20 days earlier flowering, harvest 30 days earlier ); increase yield by 25% to 35%; and reduce the occurrence of abnormal fruit.

In additions, Raysace COB Grow Lights also contain small amounts of ultraviolet light that can effectively prevent pests and diseases.

Are there any other benefits of using a COB grow light?

Yes, using a grow light offers many additional benefits. For example, you can extend the effective lighting time in the winter months.

You can also control the amount of light a plant receives each day and you can ensure that the amount of light a plant receive is not affected by environmental changes.
The truth is many indoor plants experience poor growth due to inadequate lighting. The Raysace full spectrum grow light ensure your plants receive the light they need to grow, flower and fruit.

Plus, it can even be used as landscape lighting in office lobbies to ensure plants get the full spectrum light they need to thrive while also improving the beauty of your landscaping.

What are the Raysace COB grow light hanging heights and corresponding coverage areas?

height and foot print

What if something goes wrong and i need to replace a part in my COB Grow ligh?

Raysace offers free replacement parts for three years from your date of purchase. Just notify us of the problem and we will send you replacement parts postage paid. We also provide videos that show you exactly how to make the replacment.

Will your product’s power supply work in my country?

Yes, Raysace takes note of what country you are in and automatically delivers a power supply that can be used in your country

What is Raysace’s warranty policy?

We currently offer two policies:

The 90 Policy:
If your Raysace COB Grow light experiences any mechanical or technical issues (non-owner caused quality problems) within 90 days of receipt, you can return the product and we will send you a replacemnt for free or refund your purchase price.

The 3 Policy:
If you experience any quality problems with your Raysace COB Grow light within three years of your purchase, we will provide you with replacement parts and we will pay the postage to send you the parts. Then you can follow our simple replacement parts videos to learn how to correct the issue.