Raysace: most powerful led grow light – Increase yield 25% NOW


Get Faster Growing, Healthier Plants with Raysace COB Grow Lights!

Raysace full spectrum led grow lights ensure even complete beginners have green thumbs when it comes to growing thriving,  healthy plants indoors.


Raysace COB Grow lights offer: Full spectrum, high color, high uniformity with no spots. If you want to ensure that your plants receive full spectrum, high quality while saving time and money and enjoying access to industry leading customer support. Then Raysace COB grow lights are perfect for you!

After two years of testing and customer feedback, we have determined that our Grow lights offer a 15% increase in production compared to the use of a signal LED grow light.

So Why waste money and time? It’s time to ” see the light.” Get our Grow light today and see for yourself what a difference it can make in the growth and health of your plants.

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